Landscaping Services

The Abelia Garden team can provide expert advice and help with all your landscaping needs in the Willoughby district of Sydney.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

Landscaping Design
We can listen to your needs and wants and work with you to create a landscape design that suites your requirements and personality. Landscaping is a functional service, however, the form of each garden should reflect the home owners personal choices.

Landscaping Project Management
Project management s critical when it comes to multiple task. Abelia Gardens can offer the full one stop shop for all your landscaping needs or we can project manage your landscaping project and work with your preferred contractors for specif tasks.

Whether it’s altering land form, digging a pool or a water course, leveling land or creating new space and functionality, our Excavation service can meet all your requirements. Our team take great care and pay specific attention to protecting underground services and exiting features.

Paving – General & Complex Stylized
No one paving job is the same. When it comes to paving, there is no substitute for experience. Abelia Gardens undertakes paving work almost everyday. We can design and install complex and stylised pavings, difficult access areas and customized functional aspects can all be resolved by our paving team.

Retaining Walls (Wood, Block, Masonry)
Retaining walls come in all shapes and size and have specific purposes. Retaining walls must comply with Australian Standards as well as meet the local development codes. Retaining walls require careful assessment for function, form and duration. Get it right and all your needs will be met, get it wrong and retaining walls can cause significant unintended consequences.

Pool Surrounds Landscaping and Paving
So you have a new pool or an old pool and you want to add real value to the property as well as make sure the pool surrounds look great, are functional and safe. Abelia Gardens excels at uplifting a pool into a modern dynamic landscape that is elegant and functional and safe. The difference in House price between a properly landscaped and paved pool and a poor job can be over $40,000 according to valuers. Iti s critical to get this right and not take short cuts to get a quality finish.

Concrete Work
no matter concrete job you have, you will need to ensure that the design of the concrete work is both fit for purpose and meets Australian and Local Government standards and codes. Whether it is a Pool Slabs, Drive ways, Cross Overs, Paths, or Generally, an assessment needs to be made on the type of reinforcing, the form work, the slope (to manage water), the texture and colour, as well as the impact on light reflected into the house and surrounds.
Our team can design, set up the form work and have the concrete pored and surface finished to your exact requirements.

Hedges and Plant Selection
When it comes the selection of plants for your yard, including hedging, there are may questions that first need to be asked and answered. Abelia Gardens designs and installs plants and hedges almost every day and many of our projects are required to fix up problems with poorly implemented plants and structures around hedges and the like. It’s the questions that you haven’t asked that often lead to ongoing concerns, and the Abelia Gardens team will ask all the right questions to ensure that all your needs and wants are met when it comes to the plats and style of hedges that will best uite you

Irrigation – timers, piping, set up, maintenance
There are lots of choices, standards and styles when it comes to a home irrigation system. Abelia Gardens offers all your irrigation needs and can work with you to design and install the most optimal system to meet your requirements. A well thought out irrigation system can save you thousands of dollars of water over the decade ahead and can best protect ad nurture your beautiful garden.

Decks and Decking Solutions
When it comes to decks and decking solutions, Abelia Gardens has it covered, we can help design and install all your outdoor decking needs. With so many options around decking, some key questions can help narrow the requirements down to a level where a handful of choices can be made to help design your ideal deck to meet both form and functional requirements.

Garden Paths
When it come to bring your garden to life, many homeowners over look how important the garden path is to setting the tone of the garden and bringing all the elements of your garden together. Abelia Gardens can offer advice on how to best finish you garden with the most appropriate path style and form and functionality to meet your needs. We offer all styles and surfaces when it comes to garden paths.

Grass Turf Selection, Preparation, and Laying
Every home owner has a unique personality and whether we realize it or not, the style and state of the grass in your garden closely resembles your personality and standards. With so many critical variables in the selection, repatriation and laying of grass and turf, Abelia Gardens can quickly help you filter the choices down to those that are best aligned to your needs and personal preferences without missing out on suitable options that may never come to your attention. Grass selection should be given a high priority. Inappropriate grass selection can cause ongoing problems and significantly reduce the value of your property. On the other hand, getting the selection, preparation and laying of your grass and turf correct will significantly enhance the value of your property and make your garden feel just right for you and your visitors.

Driveway & Surrounds
When it come to driveways and surfaces, cross overs, and carports, Abelia Gardens has it covered. Abelia can help you work through development requirements as well as select the most appropriate driveway and parking solutions to meet your personal needs.

Fencing, Gates,Boundary & Swimming Pools
A fence defines your boundary. The fence and gate is often the first feature that you and your visitors will touch and pass. The style, materials, colour and finish of a fence and gate can have a profound impact on the overall appearance and functionality of your garden. Abelia Gradens can offer the following fencing solutions:

Brick Masonary Fences
Timber Fences (all styles)
Concrete/Rendered Fences
Steel Fences
Combination Fences (eg Wood and Brick)
Swimming Pool Fences, including elegant frame-less glass

Abelia Gardens will work with you to find the most optimal fencing solution at an affordable price to ensure your landscaping design is beautifully finished and your boundary fence and pool fences improve the value of your property and enhance the aesthetic and functional workings of your garden and your swimming pool.

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