Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Willoughby

Retaining walls are required wherever earth needs to be contained against the natural pull of gravity. Every retaining wall is unique and in our significant experience, a custom design is no more expensive that a cookie cutter wall, however, it meets the development regulations and more specially the actual  physical requirements  of each wall.

Retaining walls have five main  types:

  • Brick or Masonry retaining wall

    Brick Retaining Wall - Willoughby
    Brick Retaining Wall – Willoughby
  • Wooden retaining wall

    Retaining wall wood - Chatswood
    Retaining wall wood – Chatswood
  • Besa block retaining wall

    Besa Block or Besa Brick retaining walls - Middle Cove
    Besa Block or Besa Brick retaining walls – Middle Cove
  • Concrete retaining wall.

    Concrete Retaining Wall - Roseville
    Concrete Retaining Wall – Roseville
  • Sand Stone or Rock retaining wall
Sand Stone Retaining Wall
Sand Stone Retaining Wall

Each and every retaining wall comes with strengths and weakness, aesthetic and architectural character as well as physical properties and durability. That’s just the start – there are the drainage requirements, the overall mass movement of the yard, the acidity and moisture content of the earth and the list goes on.

Retaining walls can and do fail if they have been incorrectly installed, or the wrong type of material or wall is used or even due to inferior grade of materials among other reasons.  It is critical that an expert assess and advise home owners on specific retaining wall solutions, where the retaining wall will hold back more than 100kg of earth or is higher than 50cm.

Abelia Gardens has been advising and supplying retaining walls to the people of Willoughby, Castlecove, Roseville, Middle Cove, Castle Crag and Chatswood for over 20 years.  Our team understand the difference between a retaining wall that looks good and will fail and one that looks good and is fit for purpose. We will be upfront with each and every home owner as to the real choices that will meet the specifics of the job and look good.

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