Abelia Gardens can provide no obligation free quotes for all your landscaping needs. We will quote on all services we can supply including:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Projects
  • Retaining Walls
  • Paving
  • Swimming Pool Paving
  • Concrete Cross Overs and Driveways
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Garden lighting
  • Hedges
  • Fences / Fencing
  • Paths and Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Plant Selection and Planting
  • Excavation
  • Swimming Pools
  • Decks and Decking
  • Outdoor Sheds and Studios
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Road base, pebbles, crushed granite, soil, sand
  • Turf, Grass and associated materials

If you live in Willoughby, Castlecove, Middle Cove, Castle Crag, Roseville or Northbridge areas  – we are  your local landscaping area specialists.

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For home owners that live the Willoughby, Castlecove, Middle Cove, Castle Crag, Roseville or Northbridge areas  – you should keep an eye out for our team wearing their distinctive blue polo shirts ad our blue holden utes. You’ll see us all over the above mentioned areas, as this is were we work in our home areas. We know your suburb and all  the trends and traps and can advise you accordingly.

Landscaping Quote Facts:

Did you know structural Landscaping refers to the work involved in the construction of external landscape features, and non-habitable structures including the following:

  • retaining walls of any material that do not form part of a habitable building,
  • fencing irrespective of the construction material, driveways, paths and other paving of any material,
  • cabanas, pergolas, decks and non-habitable shelters,
  • ornamental ponds, water features and other structural ornamentation.

A contract for structural landscaping can include any specialist work that is integral to the overall work, but such work must be carried out by the holder of an endorsed contractor licence or qualified supervisor certificate in the relevant category of specialist work.



Paving used to be simple, now there are so many choices and so many styles and options there is enormous potential for an excellent paving job to go pair shaped.

Abelia Gardens has paving experts in our team.  Whetherer you are looking for back yard paving, swimming pool surround paving or even back yard studio or granny flat paving, Abelia Gardens has done it all.

Abelia can provide advice on the most appropriate base for your paving as well as paving technique that is best suited to your needs.

No single paving job is the same. The sub paving area, the expansion joints, different materials, water and sunlight are just a few of the issues that need to be considered before the type, colour, size, texture and material is chosen.

If you want your paving to not only look great and add value to your property but would actually like it to stand the test of time, Abelia Gardens can guide you along the often complex decision pathway. Whilst most people rush in and purchase  pavers and seek a contractor to install, we strongly advise our home owners to work through our 7 step decision making process to optimize results and keep cost in check.

Here are just a few of the thousands of paving jobs we have completed in the past 20 years plus:

Local Paving Expert - Darren - Abelia Gardens Willoughby
Local Paving Expert – Darren – Abelia Gardens Willoughby – Solving a Complex Pool Paving Issue
Looking For Travetine Paving For Your Pool or back Yard?
Beautiful Paving Finish – Swimming Pool Chatswood
A Stone Paved Driveway in Northbridge
A Properly laid and prepared brick paving pathway – Castle Cove
Complex Paving Patterns Create Interesting Challenges
Complex Paving Patterns Create Interesting Challenges

No matter how simple  a paving job may seem, it is absolutely critical that the ground be properly prepared for the pavers and this should take into consideration of the slope, the water flow, the soil type and the aspect. Not paying attention to these things will lead to  many years of paving problems.

Abelia Gardens can help guide you through these 7 steps to a great and long lasting paving  solution.

To Contact Abelia Gardens for an obligation free quote, please call 0404 252 151 

Or send us a message via the contact page – click here http://www.abeliagardens.com.au/contacting-the-abelia-gardens-team/


Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Willoughby

Retaining walls are required wherever earth needs to be contained against the natural pull of gravity. Every retaining wall is unique and in our significant experience, a custom design is no more expensive that a cookie cutter wall, however, it meets the development regulations and more specially the actual  physical requirements  of each wall.

Retaining walls have five main  types:

  • Brick or Masonry retaining wall

    Brick Retaining Wall - Willoughby
    Brick Retaining Wall – Willoughby
  • Wooden retaining wall

    Retaining wall wood - Chatswood
    Retaining wall wood – Chatswood
  • Besa block retaining wall

    Besa Block or Besa Brick retaining walls - Middle Cove
    Besa Block or Besa Brick retaining walls – Middle Cove
  • Concrete retaining wall.

    Concrete Retaining Wall - Roseville
    Concrete Retaining Wall – Roseville
  • Sand Stone or Rock retaining wall
Sand Stone Retaining Wall
Sand Stone Retaining Wall

Each and every retaining wall comes with strengths and weakness, aesthetic and architectural character as well as physical properties and durability. That’s just the start – there are the drainage requirements, the overall mass movement of the yard, the acidity and moisture content of the earth and the list goes on.

Retaining walls can and do fail if they have been incorrectly installed, or the wrong type of material or wall is used or even due to inferior grade of materials among other reasons.  It is critical that an expert assess and advise home owners on specific retaining wall solutions, where the retaining wall will hold back more than 100kg of earth or is higher than 50cm.

Abelia Gardens has been advising and supplying retaining walls to the people of Willoughby, Castlecove, Roseville, Middle Cove, Castle Crag and Chatswood for over 20 years.  Our team understand the difference between a retaining wall that looks good and will fail and one that looks good and is fit for purpose. We will be upfront with each and every home owner as to the real choices that will meet the specifics of the job and look good.

For more information about retaining wall option for your needs:

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Landscaping in Willoughby District

Landscaping Sydney - -chatswood-castlecove-castlecrag-roseville-

Abelia Gardens specialises in providing high quality affordable Landscaping solutions customised to your needs, within the suburbs that surround Willoughby, including Middle Cove, Castle Cove, Roseville, Chatswood, & Castle Crag.

For the past 20 years, David Sharp and the team have focused their energy and attention of providing landscaping solutions to the home owners of Sydney’s lower north shore.

Weather its, Landscaping, Paving, Retaining Walls, Pool Landscaping, Pool Paving, Concrete works, Hedges, Irrigation, Deck, Paths, Grass, Turf or
Driveways, Abelia Gardens has done it all over the past 20 years.

Elegant and modern garden bed designs?
Modern Landscaping Around the Swimming Pool
Modern Landscaping Around the Swimming Pool
Modern Garden in Willoughby
Modern Garden in Willoughby

If you are looking for ideas on how to go about doing it yourself, please take a look at our facts sheets. Of course, if you need expert advice and help, our team are always here to help and can be contacted by either calling us or filling in the contact form

Call us on phone:   0404 252 151

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